• The “first lady of Ibero-American cinema” will receive the award during the ceremony on April 29, which will take place in Xcaret (Riviera Maya, Mexico).
  • The award highlights her long, well-rounded professional career as an actress, director and producer, in addition to being a teacher and inspiration for new generations. 

Madrid/ Los Angeles, April 10, 2018 –

Mexican actress Adriana Barraza will be honored with the PLATINO Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to Ibero-American cinema. The award, which will be presented on April 29 in Xcaret (Riviera Maya, Mexico), highlights more than four decades she has dedicated to her creative career. Throughout this time she has exceled as an actress, but she has also proven her worth as a director, producer and acting teacher, passing on her talent to new generations. “She has an impressive, well-rounded career and she also stands out thanks to her commitment and dedication to the Ibero-American film industry”,states the award’s board of directors.

The “first lady of Ibero-American cinema” has starred in over fifty movies, two of which that stand out are the Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s feature length films Amores perrosand Babel. The latter of these picked up a total of 16 international awards, including Adriana Barraza’s nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards. Her versatility has led her to participate in all types of genres, from horror movies such as Sam Raimi’s Arrástrame al infierno[Drag Me to Hell], to great blockbusters such as Kenneth Branagh’s Thor.

Renowned directors such as Guillermo del Toro, Sally Potter and Robert Duvall and screen partners such as Gael García Bernal, Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Luke Wilson, Judy Dench, John Leguizamo, Jude Law, Steve Buscemi, Shawn Ashmore and Jennifer Aniston have all been witness to the magnetism and acting ability that have led her to be known worldwide as a leader of our industry. 

Working for television further increased Barraza’s prestige within the industry and the public’s admiration of her. For a total of 16 years she worked at Televisa where she participated in various telenovelas or soaps, such as Locura de amor [Crazy in Love], Aventuras en el tiempo [Adventures in Time], El manantial[The Spring] and Cómplices al rescate. She also appeared in and directed many episodes of the program Mujer, casos de la vida real, which was led and produced by Silvia Pinal. Likewise her collaboration with Telemundo must be noted, with programs such as ¡Anita no te rajes!Amarte asíTierra de pasiones [Land of Passion], La viuda de blancoand Prisionera. Similarly she worked with broadcasters Venevisión and Univisión, where she was one of the artistic directors of one of the most watched telenovelason American television: Eva Luna. This won a Rocky Award.

Throughout her career she always returned to theater, having appeared in more than 60 productions including: Macbeth,La vida es sueño [Life is a Dream], Voces en el umbralEl atentado [The Assassination], El protagonistaFederico… Ay, claveland Me doy el gusto, to name just a few. Her 40thanniversary of being an actress (and 30thas a teacher) in 2012 was celebrated with a theatrical show entitled: Adriana Barraza cumple 40 años… de actriz (Adriana Barraza celebrates 40 years… of being an actress). She performed this show with success in Mexico, Buenos Aires and Miami.

Since 1979, she has combined her natural talent to delve into a character with her passion for teaching acting. In Mexico she has worked in the best universities and in 2011, alongside her husband and fellow actor Arnaldo Pipke, she founded the Adriana Barraza Acting Studio, one of the most prestigious acting studios in the United States. At the same time she launched the Adriana Barraza Black Box studio, an alternative theater space which, for the last two editions, has also hosted the Hispanic Theater Festival of Miami. 

With an enviable résumé, Adriana joins the list of Lifetime Achievement Award winners, alongside stars Edward James Olmos, Ricardo Darín, Antonio Banderas and Sonia Braga.

Ever since their first edition in 2014, the Ibero-American PLATINO Film Awards promoted by EGEDA (the Spanish Audiovisual Producers Rights Management Organization), with FIPCA (the Ibero-American Federation of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Producers) and with the support of the Ibero-American Cinema Academies and institutes, Latin Artis and the AISGE Foundation, have worked on their aim, which is to achieve the promotion and broadcasting of Ibero-American Cinema. Furthermore, that the success that is achieved at the most prestigious festivals also translates into outstandingc ommercial results and that Ibero-American Cinema has the distribution it deserves.