Come celebrate the folkloric lost legends of Northern Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Chihuahua come alive.  The region is known for its bravura and fiery people, the beautiful Sonoran desert, Copper canyons; where the old west comes alive through dynamic group dances.  The North of Mexico provides a historic perspective via traditional norteño dance and music, which has become one of Mexico’s most popular cultural exports.  The traditional dances of el Norte has its roots as far back as the 1800’s, German and Czech immigrants fused their native folk dances, such as the polka or the waltz with the local sounds of the huapango and the classic cancion ranchera or “corridos”, making for a unique cultural hybrid.

Explore the sounds of the melodic accordion, el bajo bravo and drum.  Feast on a canvas of desert colors and costumes, stomp your boots and raise your tejanas, holler along with the infectious rhythms of this lively production, “La Ruta del Norte”.

Grandeza Mexicana, a professional quality folk dance company founded by Jose Vences in 2003, celebrating its 15th Anniversary, has as its primary goal to present performances that inspire and educate audiences on the beauty and diversity of Mexico’s colorful dance traditions. 

Tickets priced at $34, $44, $54

VIP Reception available only Saturday 7/14 $69

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